Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yes, I am still alive and reenergizing...

Hello, I apologize for the long absence of posts.  The world tried to turn itself upside down on me but I was having none of it!  It was a struggle but I am back on track, slow but surely.  I hope, dear Readers, that you are well and the transition between winter and spring will bring the delights and hope of wonderful year.

I was contemplating what it meant to be creative these past couple of months.  As I struggle with my own sense of creativity, I have been doing a little research around what it means to be creative.  In this process I stumbled on this article:

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

Carolyn Gregoire Become a fan

It was an interesting article that laid out 18 facets of what would define a 'creative' person. When I read the article, I asked, "am I truly a creative person?" (I want to believe so). It was interesting that I found I struggle with 5 out of the 18 points

I don't work hours I would like to do...real life intervenes. I have to work a 9-5 job. 
I often do take failure personally...though I am learning not to.
I tend to not take risks unless they are completely calculated to probably be successful. 
I do loose track of time but not doing what I want to be doing...sigh. 
And finally, as most of my friends know, I am not a boat rocker...ergo I don't 'shake things up'. 

So 5 out of 18 isn't too, bad so perhaps I am a creative person who is still evolving?  I would like to think so.  What do you think?  Please follow the link to the article, then leave me a comment.  I  would love to hear what you think.