Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Arts: A week of Haikus

A art haiku a day - that is my goal.  This project started last week in an effort to keep the hand and creative juices flowing instead of solidifying into a rubbery block of jello.  (I thought this analogy was a bit nicer than referring to my creative procrastination as 'sludge'?)  Like a haiku, I am using a small space to capture a quick idea, or thought or feeling.  This particular set was using collage, embossing and rubber stamps.  Fall was certainly in the air and I built on that theme.

I will  regularly post on Tuesdays any of my artistic endeavors.  This will give me a set deadline for keeping up my project as well as provide my readers with regular features they can come expect. My grand plan is that the haikus will eventually work their way into larger projects and tutorials that I can share with you.

Next up is, Thursday Crafts - I plan to post regularly on Thursdays any projects that are focused on my love of crafting.  With the holidays coming up, I get real excited about making things for gifts and decorating.  But, I also love to craft things for the home that are useful and beautiful as well.  So, stay tuned.  FYI - This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, so my post may not be craft oriented this time around but expect the following Thursdays to be an arts 'n' craft post.

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